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JCK Diamond Show Commencement and Jewelers’ Interest

2003: JCK Diamond Show, a Forum for Jewelers, Retailers and Businessmen

Oct. 2003

The JCK Show is launching a new international trade show for diamond dealers, loose diamond manufacturers, diamond jewelry manufacturers, and jewelry retailers. Called Diamonds by JCK, the event is scheduled for Sept. 12 and 13, 2004, in New York City.

The event is designed to provide an annual forum for networking and conducting business for those in the diamond industry with a select group of independent and major jewelry retailers from around the world.

An international group of experts will deliver several educational sessions that will focus on marketing to U.S. retailers, trends and fashion in the U.S., and diamond branding. There will also be networking opportunities with diamond dealers and manufacturers from every important diamond area in the world.


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