Israel’s Diamond Export Remains Steady for Last Year
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Israel’s Diamond Export Augment throughout Last Year

2003: Israel’s Diamond Export and Its Largest Market

Jan. 2003

Israel's net polished diamond exports in November held steady from last year at $452.1 million, according to by the Israel Ministry of Industry and Trade's Diamond Controller.

Net polished exports for the first 11 months of 2002 increased 15.7% to $4.947 billion, up from $4.277 billion for the same period in 2001.

Rough imports in November 2002 rose 38.9% to $379 million, and from January to November 2002 by 19.6% to $3.661 billion.

Rough exports increased by 57% in November, totaling $110.7 million, with these exports seeing a 54.2% jump from the beginning of the year, reaching $1.459 billion.

Polished imports also grew, rising 32% in November, to reach $212.6 million, and 33.4% to reach $2.085 billion since January.

Officials in Israel point to a successful holiday season in Israel's traditional markets - the United States, Hong Kong, Belgium, and Switzerland. Since the beginning of the year sales to Belgium rose 19%, to the U.S. 16%, and to Hong Kong 7%.

The United States remained the largest market for Israel's polished exports, accounting for 68% during this period.


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