Sundance Diamond Production and Its Properties
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Sundance Diamond Production and Properties of Synthetic Diamonds

2003: Sundance Diamond Production and Rob Galloway’s Views

July 2003

Another big company is entering the high pressure high temperature field, competing with General Electric.

The company is called U.S. Synthetics. They say that they are the biggest manufacturer of synthetic diamond components for use in oil and gas drilling. Its new division, Sundance Diamonds, can permanently change brown and cape diamonds to fancy colors, including yellow, orange and green, and take Type II diamonds from unmarketable colors to colorless or near-colorless

Rob Galloway, general manager of Sundance Diamonds, said in an interview with the Diamond Registry Bulletin that they have been working on this process for two years and the new process is very similar (but not exactly the same) as GE’s.

From what we hear, there may be other, smaller companies also treating stones.

.The company requires all its customers to sign an agreement disclosing the treatment in all sales. It is also assisting industry laboratories and institutions with HPHT detection and research.


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