Male Diamond Accessories Launched By De Beers
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Male Diamond Accessories Showing Male’s Interest in Diamond

2003: Male Diamond Accessories A New Technique to Increase Sales

Nov. 2003

J. Walter Thompson has designed a fourth-quarter communications program on behalf of the Diamond Trading Company titled “Celebrate Her.”

The 2003 holiday campaign includes three-stone diamond jewelry, solitaire diamonds, and the diamond right-hand ring.

The campaign includes the following:

* Fifteen "Seize the Day" print advertisements designed to attract men. The ads will run in newspapers in the top 13 markets nationwide and national male-targeted magazines through November and December. The ads will feature Three-Stone Earrings & Pendants, Diamond Stud Earrings, Diamond Solitaire Necklaces and Diamond Right Hand Rings.

* DTC's new television commercial, "Faces," is being developed to run at the core of all 2003 holiday communications initiatives. The ads will begin to air on television networks nationwide on Thanksgiving Day.

* The DTC's Diamond Right Hand Ring campaign will continue during the holiday season.

* DTC will continue the “Countdown to Christmas” campaign launched last year. The newspaper countdown, which calls men to action in the final week before Christmas—when an estimated 30% of diamond jewelry holiday sales occur will make a return this year. The ads will appear on Dec. 19 and run through Dec. 23.

* To assist the trade in creating their own sales and marketing programs this holiday season, the Diamond Promotion Service has developed marketing materials synergistic with the "Celebrate Her" theme. Arriving via direct mail to retailers nationwide are free ad slicks and counter cards, along with free downloadable photography, ad slicks, and advertising copy lines, on its Web site,


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