Diamond Consumers’ Awareness Covers Conflict Diamonds
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Diamond Consumers’ Awareness Reveals Diamond Demand

2003: Diamond Consumers’ Awareness Is Very Strong

Summer 2003

In a shocking development, the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council, created by MVI Marketing. 26% of consumers responded that they are aware of the term, versus 16 percent in December 2002, nine percent in May 2001 and just seven percent in October 2000.

Martin Hurwitz, chief executive officer of MVI Marketing, said “in just over two and a half years, consumer awareness of conflict diamonds — or ‘blood diamonds’ has grown 270% .... One out of four consumers may base their next diamond purchase decision on diamond origins or ask probing questions about certification.”

The Jewelry Opinion Council has also conducted other surveys, which found the following:

- Asked what “is the most preferred gemstone in jewelry,” 31% said white diamond. The next closest was sapphire, with 11%.

- The survey also tested consumers’ reactions to have their diamonds in non-traditional metals. 65% said they were somewhat or very interested in diamonds set in titanium, 43% said the same for stainless steel, and 54% were interested in stones set in silver.


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