De Beers First Diamond Retail Store Will Open In November
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De Beers First Diamond Retail Store Has All Variety of Diamond Jewelry

2002: De Beers First Diamond Retail Store a Challenge for Whole Diamond Industry

Oct. 2002

The first De Beers store will open this November in London on Bond Street. Eventually, De Beers/LVMH plan to open stores in cities around the world.

Surprisingly, it looks like the stores will have items from entire jewelry spectrum. At first, it was said that these stores would only be competition for high-end stores like Tiffany’s Harry Winston. But with a casual line starting at just under $800, a classic line, with Riviera necklaces, bracelets and cross pendants, starting at just over $1,700, and a bridal line beginning at $1,400, the new store will be competition for not just big names but every jeweler, from the almost-mass market to Mom and Pops.

The stores will feature a 57-facet octagonal cut diamond which will be marked with the De Beers’ name and individual serial numbers. The diamond collections are created by designer Reema Pachachi and inspired by supermodel Iman, De Beers’ "style icon."

The flagship of the bridal line will be the so-called De Beers’ engagement ring, with a signature "DB" logo setting.

The ebony and glass store interior will feature 360-degree counters, an open lounge area, a try-on counter and high-tech video screens.

An advertising campaign kicking off the opening will primarily target women and will feature Iman, as well as supermodels Erin O’Connor and Amy Wesson. The ads will appear in Britain’s leading fashion and lifestyle magazines in October.

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