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Diamond Cut Classification Could Hurt American Diamond Society’s Labs

2002: Diamond Cut Classification Will Favor Diamond Customers

March 2002

The Gemological Institute of America is adding a cut "classification system" to its reports this spring, said an article by Jewelers Circular Keystone’s senior editor Rob Bates.

The new system has yet to be determined, but it will apparently be based on the GIA’s research on cut, and will take into account the "taste factor." GIA has said there is no one "Ideal cut."

"We want this to be similar to colored stone grading," said GIA president Bill Boyajian. "It’s hard to say there’s one best color. We want to express cut in a similar manner. We won’t say this is the best and this is no good."

GIA adding more cut information could cause a lot of commotion in the market, as now people will be looking at how their stones fare on the GIA system. It could hurt the American Gem Society‘s lab, which has its own cut grade and has done a lot to make Ideals so popular.. So far GIA is still the best known name to consumers.


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