Full Diamond Description Must Be Indicated In GIA Reports
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Full Diamond Description Guarantees Customers’ Satisfaction

2002: Full Diamond Description Will Include Color of Diamond

Feb. 2002

Asntoinette Matlins, respected gemologist and author, in a letter to the Diamond Registry Bulletin, addresses the need to include information regarding the presence or absence of fluorescence on GIA reports of fancy-color diamonds.

"I believe this is the omission of essential information that can result in costly mistakes for retailers and consumers alike," Matlins writes.

While the GIA currently issues reports only on the color only for fancy-color diamonds. Matlins points out, however, that, as research as shown, the presence of fluorescence can have an impact on color when viewed in different lighting environments.

Matlins points out three issues to support her argument for including this information on GIA reports:

The impact of fluorescence on fancy-color diamonds, the need to provide retailers will all the information necessary to disclose to consumers, and customer satisfaction.

"Fluorescence should be indicated on all GIA diamond reports. This is the case with other respected laboratories, such as SSEF in Switzerland and the German Gemological Laboratory," she writes. "It is not an issue of good or bad, but it is an integral part of the full description of the color of any diamond."


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