Diamond Advertising Holiday Campaign Boosts Diamond Marketing
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Diamond Advertising Holiday Campaign Features Diamond Jewelry

2002: Diamond Advertising Holiday Campaign Will Introduce Statement Diamonds

Dec. 2002

While their latest campaign, focused on fancy shape diamonds, has already launched, the Diamond Trading Company is far from finished with its holiday advertising campaigns.

The DTC increased its holiday advertising spending by 14 percent. The DTC will add several new marketing programs based on the theme "Declaration." The marketing features three-stone jewelry, fancy shape diamonds and statement diamonds.

Beyond that, the DTC has several other campaigns in the works. The "Countdown to Christmas" is a newspaper campaign targeting men in the last week before Christmas. It will appear in the top 25 markets.

The "Full Contact Romance Sweepstakes," meanwhile, will encourage couples to enter a contest to win diamond jewelry, Super Bowl tickets and TiVo digital television recorders. It will appear in consumer magazines and on websites and will be direct mailed to 150,000 wealthy households.


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