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Diamond Advertising Themes Have Power to Win Customers’ Hearts

2002: Diamond Advertising Themes Promote Diamond Industry

April 2002

De Beers’ Diamond Trading Company will continue to emphasize heartfelt emotions through its Fall 2002 marketing campaign. Since September 11th, diamond promotions have focus on emotional appeal. That will continue, with emphasis on three-stone rings and jewelry that stress the past, present and future; diamond solitaire jewelry, diamond engagement rings, and the online design gallery at adiamondisforever.com.
Advertising themes will remain largely the same in 2002 and public relations efforts—including celebrity product placement—will continue to be a priority. A campaign promoting solitaire jewelry will launch in September, focusing on the category for gift-giving and featuring larger stones.

Finally, DTC will offer retailers materials to help promote these goods in local marketing efforts.


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