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DDC for Diamond Dealers Works as Vote of Strong Confidence

2002: DDC for Diamond Dealers and Diamond Business Opportunities

Summer 2002

People in the diamond industry wish their margins were as big as DDC President Jacob Banda’s margin of victory in the recent Diamond Dealers Club election. In a landslide, Banda won nearly 80% of the vote, despite the fact that his opponent was endorsed by two major sightholders. We credit this impressive victory to his open door policy and sincere desire to help each member of the club.

David Abraham won also won as vice president, Sylvain Ringer is the new secretary, and Elliot Kirschner, who ran unopposed, is the new treasurer.

"I am deeply honored at the tremendous vote of confidence given to me by our membership in again electing me as president of the Diamond Dealers Club," Banda said. "I look forward to working with the DDC Board of Directors and all of our members to improve our business opportunities."

Elected to the Board of Directors were Carl Edelstein, Eli Gottlieb, David Klein, Paul Morgenstien, Harvey Newman, Sheldon Kwiat, Alan Rehs, Yaron Hahami, Benny Simonov, and Bruno Scarselli.


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