Canadian Arctic Diamonds Were Refined In Canada
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Canadian Arctic Diamonds Were Treated In Canada

2002: Canadian Arctic Diamonds Treatment in Canada

Nov. 2002

Many Canadian diamond miners spoke at the recent Diamond Conference in Antwerp.

Robert Boyd, president and CEO of Ashton Mining Canada, noted that about 50% of the exploration expenditures of De Beers, Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton are being spent in Canada.

Matt Manson, vice president of Aber, talked about the marketing strategy of Canada’s second diamond mine, the Diavik Project. Aber will market its share of the Diavik production through two channels. Tiffany & Co. will purchase at least $50 million a year. The rest will be sold through Aber Overseas, located in Antwerp.

Jim Antoine, minister of resources for the Northwest Territories, said its certification program confirms that each Canadian Arctic diamond was mined, cut and polished in Canada. "It is a significant tool for Northwest Territories miners," he explained.


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