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Record Diamond Sales Made By De Beers

2001: Record Diamond Sales Covered Canadian Diamond Resources

Jan. 2001

It Was The Year In Which … De Beers posted record sales for the year … But the second half was disappointing.

It Was The Year In Which … the trade put its hopes on the Millennium brand … But it turned out to be a non-event.

It Was The Year In Which … De Beers indicated it was transforming itself from a monopoly … But in fact increased its grip both on rough and polished.

It Was The Year In Which … "Conflict diamonds" were discussed at the United Nations, the U.S. Congress, the World Diamond Congress, and were the subject of demonstrations and TV shows ... But most consumers still don’t ask where their diamonds are from in their buying decisions.

It Was The Year In Which … the much-feared General Electric-Lazare Kaplan diamonds were sold by select retailers ...But they did not show up at any of the diamond centers.

It Was The Year In Which … there were more places to buy jewelry on-line … But instead of threatening jewelers, many dot-comes over-spent on advertising and ended up going out of business themselves.

It Was The Year In Which … De Beers won control of two Canadian diamond properties — Winspear and Snap Lake … But struck out in its attempt to win the prize it most wanted — control of Argyle.


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