Global Diamond Certification Program Will Promote Legal Diamond Trade
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Global Diamond Certification Program Will Improve Diamond Supply Chain

2001: Global Diamond Certification Program Add Honor to Diamond Industry

June 2001

Representatives of 38 governments met in Brussels recently to work toward the creation of an international certification program for diamonds. The meeting is part of the Kimberley Process, which is charged with creating a workable system for keeping conflict-area diamonds from reaching the legitimate supply chain around the world.

The group, along with governmental delegates, includes representatives of the World Diamond Council, the European Commission, the chairmen of the UN Sanctions Committees for Angola and Liberia, and several NGOs.

Initial conversations among the group centered around the national certification systems in place in Angola and Sierra Leone. The group will meet again in Moscow in July.

UN: Conflict Stones Sold Though South Africa
A United National Security Council report has found that, among several other countries, at least one rebel organization from the Democratic Republic of Congo was funneling diamond and gold into South Africa via Tanzania. The council also reported Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Zimbabwe as culprits in channeling diamonds from rebels sources to the diamond industry.


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