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Unique Diamond Designs Have Found Their Way to Customers’ Life

2001: Unique Diamond Designs Will Increase Diamond Consumption

May 2001

A new retail jewelry report reveals that overall jewelry sales climbed 5% in 2000 to total $39.8 billion. The Jewelry Report: The Market, The Industry, The Trends, conducted by Unity Marketing, surveyed jewelry companies, retailers and consumers.

The increase is attributable to the expanding availability of jewelry in various retail venues, according to the report. Traditional retail stores, however, still account for nearly 60% of the market.

"The market is becoming more democratic in the past decade as good quality and high design jewelry is now available at a much wider range of retailers," says Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing.

In 2000, 43% of the adult population--more than 85 million people--bought jewelry. Women have a higher purchase incidence than men, with 48%, compared to 36% purchasing jewelry. Young consumers, ages 18 to 24, meanwhile, are an important category. Most jewelry purchased by this age group was at discounters and mass merchants. For more information, visit Unity Marketing online at www.unitymarketingonline.com.


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