Diamond Spying, A Useful Thing For Crooks As Well As Noble People
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Diamond Spying Increases Because They Are Good For Wealth Storage

2001: ‘Diamond Spying’ Will Be A Source Of Talk As ‘Conflict Dimaonds’

March 2001

According to news accounts, suspected spy Edward Hassan was paid partly in diamonds, partly in cash, for his espionage work for the Soviet Union. Now that we are hearing all the talk about "conflict diamonds," will "espionage diamonds" be next? Will the industry be held responsible for aiding and abetting espionage, just as it is now held responsible for the fighting in Africa? If so, so should the Treasury Department, maker of $100 bills.

All this proves that, because diamonds are such a good store of wealth, they are attractive to crooks, murderers and spies — as well as millions and millions more decent people, who use them to express emotion and love with lasting value.


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