Gassan Stolen Diamonds Were Exposed By a Former Chef
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Gassan Stolen Diamonds discovered in a statue in Almere

2001: Gassan Stolen Diamonds’ Discovery And Efforts Of Dutch Police

Oct. 2001

Dutch police discovered $8.2 million of diamonds hidden in an outdoor sculpture in Almere.

The diamonds, which were stolen from Gassan Diamonds, an Amsterdam company in August, were discovered when a 26-year-old former chef at Gassan turned himself in. The stones had been missing for nearly a month 

Thieves steal $850,000 in Jewels

A briefcase containing 300 diamonds and 2,000 rings has been stolen in Osaka, Japan. The jewels were stolen when three men smashed a window of a car to grab the case contained the merchandise. The car belongs to Tokyo jeweler Japan Auction Systems.


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