Diamond Jewels and Lloyds’ Intentions to Explore Diamond at Nova Scotia
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Diamond Jewels and Lloyds’ Intentions Seem Ridiculous

2000: Diamond Jewels and Lloyds’ Intentions Refresh Swissair Crash Accident

Summer 2000

Lloyds of London reported its intentions to search the Swissair crash site in hopes of finding $300 million of diamonds and jewels that went down in this tragic accident that killed all 229 passengers off the coast of Nova Scotia on September 2, 1998.

Less than a week after its announced plans, the prestigious insurance company bowed to the wishes of the families of the crash victims. Before the Nova Scotia legislature, the families argued that no one should be allowed to "rake through" the site.

Perhaps in another 100 or more years, researchers or treasure hunters will look for and find the treasure. A case in point, the gold recovered from the sunken ship, SS Central America, was auctioned for more than $2.9 million. Destroyed in a hurricane in 1857 and killing more than 400 people, the ship was carrying three tons of gold bricks and non-circulated gold coins from the U.S. Mint in San Francisco.

Former Mrs. Trump Dumps Her Gem Summer.2000

Marla Maples, beauty pageant queen and a former Mrs. Donald Trump, sold her diamond engagement ring at auction through Joseph DuMouchelle Fine and Estate Jewelry. A gift from "The Donald" to Ms. Maples, the emerald cut 7.45-carat solitaire with 16 baguette-cut diamonds surrounding it, "G" color and "SI1" clarity, sold for $110,000. The gift was given to Ms. Maples while the first Mrs. Trump, Ivana, was still wearing the family jewels.

Donald Trump called the sale, "tacky" and "ridiculous." Perhaps he was embarrassed by having bought his ex-wife a slightly included (SI) stone.


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