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JVC Membership Standards Set Education Measures For Staff

2000: JVC Membership Standards and Their Impact over Jewelry Industry

Nov. 2000

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee has established membership standards and compliance practices that apply to how members conduct their business and support a commitment to ethics and integrity. "JVC members demonstrate their commitment to compliance with the law through their support of this association," said c, executive director and general counsel of the JVC.

Under the standard and practices, members must pledge to make reasonable efforts to be educated and educate staff to current legal requirements and common problems encountered in business, comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the c and make accurate representations about products sold. Practices of members include keeping compliance publications on hand at all business locations, conducting periodic training sessions on compliance requirements, requiring similar commitments by all partners in the jewelry industry. "The JVC logo and the meaning of membership will be supported in 2001 with a plan to convey their meaning to the industry and the public at large," said JVC President Marvin Markman.


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