Half-Carat Diamond for Anniversary Occasion
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Half-Carat Diamond Are Popular Among Female Diamond Customers

2000: Half-Carat Diamond for Wedding Anniversary

Jan. 2000

The De Beers group at J. Walter Thompson has announced an extensive marketing campaign for a new product, the Three-Stone Diamond Anniversary Ring, which prominently features stones from a half carat and up.

We think the three-stone ring is meant to boost one of the weaker parts of the market. There is strong demand for big stones (over a carat) but stones between half-carat and a carat are still in plentiful supply.

The three-stone ring De Beers will advertise includes a center stone of a half a carat flanked by two side-stones of slightly smaller size. These are bigger stones than the traditional anniversary band, but not as big as some of the stones featured in De Beers’ "solitaire" ads.

According to a statement from J. Walter Thompson, the three-stone ring initiative intends to build on the highly valuable anniversary occasion. To develop the marketing message for the ring, the De Beers group set out to learn what female consumers wanted their anniversary diamond to symbolize. The response from women reflected a desire to take stock of their relationship in the present day, reflect upon the journey shared as a couple, and look forward to the many happy years that lay ahead. This was a tailor-made fit for the three-stone ring, with a stone to represent each facet of the relationship: Past, present and future. This is the central message in both the television and female-targeted print advertising.

De Beers said that 36% of its U.S. advertising budget in the year 2000 will be dedicated to promoting the three-stone diamond anniversary ring. An all new television commercial for the ring, entitled "Surprise," is set to debut in the second half of January 2000. De Beers will also use executions of its "Evolution" magazine ads to promote the ring. And to reach male consumers, De Beers will use new executions of its "Seize the Day" campaign.

The Diamond Promotion Service has retail-oriented programs to support the ring.


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