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GIA Online Diamond Buying Tutorial Gives Voice of Power

2000: GIA Online Diamond Buying Tutorial Provides Diamond Buying Knowledge

Summer 2000

GIA is now going directly to the consumer with an informational tutorial about buying diamonds. Perhaps this will replace the volumes of misinformation on the Internet about making such a purchase. GIA, with no specific interest except education, will provide web surfers the voice of authority.

In its interactive tutorial, potential diamond consumers are taken to a virtual jewelry store with GIA hostess, Lucy, a graduate gemologist. Within 20 minutes, depending on modem speed, diamond neophytes will read about the Four Cs: color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Although you may have to adjust the window to utilize the scroll bars, the site has pop-up windows, audio clips, charts, and photos in a series of five brief, interactive "Challenges." For example, in the section about clarity, visitors have the opportunity to arrange four stones in order of most to least valuable based on what he or she learns. The visitor then submits his or her guess for evaluation.

This doesn’t replace a certificate course in gemology or the guidance offered by an experienced diamond professional. To illustrate, on cut, the tutorial leaves the door open to all interpretations of fine cut by saying there is more than one way a diamond can be cut for maximum brilliance and fire. The tutorial is an excellent resource for the layman and first-time buyers to whom we recommend a visit. The tour can be found at


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