Marquise Cut Explained

Marquise Cut


A cut that makes the diamond look bigger

The typical Marquise Cut diamond is a variation of the Round Brilliant Cut, with elongated ends that stretch it into an oval shape. Legend has it that the name derives from the Marquise of Pompadour, and that King Louis XV of France wanted a diamond to be cut in the shape of the marquise’s radiant smile. With every different carat weight, the Marquise Cut stone has one of the largest crown surfaces. This makes it an ideal choice when you want to maximize the perceived size of the diamond. It has the brilliance and sparkle of a perfect Round Brilliant Cut diamond.

Ideal for diamond rings

Marquise Cut Diamond Sketch

With 56 facets, the Marquise is a slender, striking cut that is ideal for rings. The elongated shape flatters the finger with its regal form and tapering points at the end. Recently, the Marquise has gained a renewed interest in the Hollywood celebrity scene. Actresses such as Portia de Rossi and Catherine Zeta-Jones both have Marquise Cut engagement rings with the diamond set with an east/west orientation, giving it a more contemporary look. Although most people still prefer the vertical orientation, because that’s the only way the slimming effect on the fingers occur.

Picking the perfect dimensions

Marquise Cuts may show flaws such as inclusions or low color grade more easily than other Brilliant Cuts. Especially inclusions may be easily visible in the center facets, which are larger than the facets in the pointed ends. An inspection using a clarity plot will help determine whether the inclusions are easily visible or not. The classic Marquise cut has a length-to-width ratio between 1.75 – 2.25, which gives the appropriate length and elegance and a balanced width that still looks pleasing to the eye. A Marquise with a ratio below 1.50 may appear short and wide, and above 2.50 the diamond may lack brilliance.

What are the prices for a Marquise Cut?

The Diamond Registry gives the public access to the current wholesale prices for GIA certified Marquise Cut diamonds. Buying diamonds at wholesale prices will get you the exact same stone you want at a much better price than retail prices. Below you will find the wholesale price list for Fancy Shape diamonds per carat, arranged by clarity grade and carat weight. To get the average wholesale price for the exact diamond you want, multiply the per carat value by the number of carats you want.

What to do next

Fill in the quote form to receive the current wholesale price for the Marquise Cut diamond you are looking for. Our diamond expert will contact you personally to give you all the information you need. Sourcing our global network of diamond cutters and suppliers, we find GIA certified diamonds at the best available wholesale prices. Your diamond expert will answer any further questions you might still have. He is your dedicated contact from beginning to end.

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