Marquise cut diamond
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Marquise cut diamond

The diamond cut that's shaped like the marquise’s smile

Meet the legendary diamond shape

Marquise cut diamond ringThis marquise cut diamond received its name from a historical legend. This historical tail is about king Louis XV of France and Marquise of Pompadour. The two wanted a diamond cut that was shaped as the marquise’s smile. After the king's desire, the diamond cutters crafted the marquise cut diamond similar to the enchanting smile of the Marquise. The typical marquise diamond is a variation of a round brilliant cut, it has elongated ends that stretch it into an oval shape. In the diamond industry, this diamond is seen as one of the timeless and elegant diamond shapes ever created.





How to recognize the marquise cut diamond

If you want to recognize a marquise cut, you have to focus on the 56 facets which gives it extreme fire and sparkle, just like round diamonds. In addition, the diamond will have a length to width ratio of 1.75- 2.25 to 1, and the ideal length to width ratio is 2 to 1. However, if you look at a diamond's face on appearance, you can recognize a marquise cut by its elongated oval shape appearance.


Why buy a marquise shaped diamond

Engagement rings that are set with a marquise cut diamond can give several benefits. One of these benefits is that the elongated shape will flatter your fingers and make them appear much more slender. This is because of the form of the diamond and its tapering points on both ends. In addition, this diamond can appear much larger than other shapes of diamonds while the carat weight is the same.

If you fancy vintage flair kind of diamond rings, you will definitely like a marquise diamond cut ring. Because this ring has a vintage appearance and is popular in vintage heirloom jewelry. Added to this, marquise cut diamonds are used often in accessory jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, pendants and brooches. So if you fancy vintage jewelry it is worth trying a marquise shaped diamond. Another diamond that is considered as vintage diamond jewelry is the more unusual diamond, the trilliant cut diamond. Since these diamonds are not seen that often in retail stores it is recommended to seek expert purchasing advice from wholesale diamond experts that can source loose diamonds at wholesale prices. Request a free quote and we can inform you about today’s wholesale price for the marquise shaped diamond you like.



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