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How to Sell Loose Diamonds. Get the best diamond Prices

Sell diamond ring is first selling your loose diamond   Selling loose diamonds can be a very lucrative business. Although there is much competition out there, if you purchase your diamonds from wholesalers that offers the best all-around deals you will have a good diamond price. By advertising as much as possible, you could do very well. By selling diamonds online, you can lower your overhead and increase your customer base. Online businesses are a very good way to get the best diamond Prices.

You must be a licensed jeweler and have a business license in the state where your business is located. You must also be a member of the Jewelers Board of Trade with a minimum of three references from other wholesalers. Diamonds are mined in Venezuela, Congo, Angola, Canada, China, Brazil, Russia, south Africa, Australia, Ghana, Namibia, diamond wholesalers contract directly with the producters of those countries. You can obtain the best diamond prices by dealing with wholesalers, cutters and producer.

Selling your stone: obtaining the diamond price

If you've made a personal Diamond purchase & wish to sell or trade in your Diamond, please email us at info@diamondregistry.com or call us at 212-575-0444 with details. We will do our best to assist you in getting the best diamond price you can get in the market for your stone.

You may be intersted in understanding the Diamond Prices or cheking the updated diamond price list. The home page is your dashboard, it gives you an overview of the round and fancy cut diamond prices.

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