How to identify the safest place to buy loose diamonds online
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How to identify the best place to buy loose diamonds online

Because of the vast amount of online diamond sellers, it will be a complicated task to find out which one is the best one for you. The number of stores that sell loose diamonds online has increased considerably over the last few years, and will continue to do so. This has made the process of finding the best place to buy loose diamonds online a lot more complex. If you determine the prerequisites your ideal diamond seller needs to have, you can start making a list of online diamond stores. We strongly advise that your first and foremost concern should be that your online diamond dealer only offers certified diamonds.

Tips to find best place to buy loose diamonds online

When you purchase diamonds that have been certified, it means that a third independent party of gemologists have graded the diamonds. The quality and legitimacy of every diamond is appraised using high demanding standards. This process produces an internationally recognized certificate for every loose diamond that is graded - a safeguard to ensure your purchase is safe and your diamond is of excellent quality. Ensure that the online store that you purchase from is a well-known diamond dealer and only sells certified diamonds. In addition, find out what the store's return policy is and read customer reviews online to help you decide which store has the best service.

The Diamond Registry is an online platform where buyers can consult diamond experts to help them find the diamond they want, at competitive wholesale prices. Active since 1961, The Diamond Registry has established itself as the go-to source for certified loose diamonds at wholesale prices - with excellent personal purchasing assistance. Explore the website to find out more about our purchasing service if you are interested in buying certified loose diamonds. Regardless of the type of diamond you seek, we will help you in finding it at the best possible price.

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Check the education section for a detailed explanation of the 4 C's.

Learn more about the Diamond's Clarity, understand how the clarity affects the Diamond Prices.
Learn more about the Diamond's Color, understand how different colors can affect the Diamond Prices
Learn more about the Diamond's Cut, understand how the cut tremendously affects the Diamond Prices
Learn more about the Diamond's Carat (weight), 2 Carat diamond, 3 Carat diamond or 4 carat diamond prices are depending many variables.

Check the loose Diamond Prices

Diamond Registry provides you with a diamond price list which shows an average of the current market pricing trends for wholesale certified loose diamonds.
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