Safest way to buy loose colored diamonds
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Safest way to buy loose colored diamonds

Colored diamonds formed by nature, are extremely rare and therefore highly prized and priced. When you have your eyes set on a loose colored diamond, you should take extra caution before purchasing one. Colored diamonds are worth much more than colorless diamonds, and you have to be sure that you do not purchase a counterfeit colored diamond. The first, and by far most important, step you should take is making sure that the diamond seller you approach is well-known for its good business and only offers certified loose diamonds.

Precautions to take when you buy loose colored diamonds

It would be of great benefit to you if you have a good understanding of loose colored diamonds before you make any purchases. Judging the quality of a diamond, and if that justifies the price, is a complex process that requires extensive knowledge. Therefore we advise you to always consult a diamond expert to appraise the quality of the loose colored diamond for you, and help you find it for the best possible price - ideally at wholesale rates. Whenever you buy loose colored diamonds online, ensure that you know what the return policy is, to prevent any misconceptions if you are unsatisfied with your purchase and wish to return it.

Online diamond distributor The Diamond Registry, has been in the diamond industry for over 50 years. Drawing from those years of experience, expert guidance in making a safe purchase is guaranteed to you. The Diamond Registry only deals in GIA certified diamonds, which are subject to internationally recognized grading standards. The opportunity for you to select from a wide range of supreme quality colored diamonds is a certainty. The expert team will help you find the loose colored diamond you are looking for, help you appraise its quality to ensure a satisfactory purchase, and make sure you get it at a competitive wholesale price.

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Check the education section for a detailed explanation of the 4 C's.

Learn more about the Diamond's Clarity, understand how the clarity affects the Diamond Prices.
Learn more about the Diamond's Color, understand how different colors can affect the Diamond Prices
Learn more about the Diamond's Cut, understand how the cut tremendously affects the Diamond Prices
Learn more about the Diamond's Carat (weight), 2 Carat diamond, 3 Carat diamond or 4 carat diamond prices are depending many variables.

Check the loose Diamond Prices

Diamond Registry provides you with a diamond price list which shows an average of the current market pricing trends for wholesale certified loose diamonds.
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