Insight into pearl diamond earrings
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Insight into pearl diamond earrings

Pearl diamond earrings have always been considered as a classy gift, often given to loved ones. Pearls and diamonds have always been known to be a favorite of women. High quality diamonds sparkle intensely and are considered symbols of true and everlasting love. Even small carat diamonds can add sparkle to earrings. Pearls can add a different touch of elegance and charm. The combination of diamonds and pearls has been a very popular choice over the years.

Most pearl diamond earrings have smaller carat diamonds to save on the overall costs. As long as each individual diamond sparkles brightly. If larger carat diamonds are used, the cost of the pearl diamond earrings will be much more as large carat diamonds with high clarity and brilliance will be more expensive. There are many different styles of pearl diamond earrings available to you. With some designs, the pearl will be dominant and with others, the diamonds will be the dominant gems. Nevertheless, no matter which gem is dominant, the beauty of pearl diamond earrings is that the elegance of both gems come together in perfect harmony.

Pearl diamond earrings care

Caring for pearl diamond earrings has to be done delicately because of the contrasting characters of the gems. Pearls are soft gems whereas diamonds are the hardest gemstone available. So you have to be careful while storing them and not let the diamonds come in contact with the pearls as the pearl can get scratched. Pearls get affected by perfumes, hair spray, cologne and body oils. So wear your earrings after applying your makeup to ensure that there is no chemical contact with the pearls.

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