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Diamond Buying Tips - What to look for when you buy diamonds

To many of us, buying a diamond is a major financial investment and often driven by emotion. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the experience of buying a diamond is pleasurable and comfortable. With the reliable personal service of The Diamond Registry, a pleasurable experience is guaranteed. The Diamond Registry has a very large collection of GIA certified loose diamonds at wholesale prices, which promises high quality diamonds at competitive prices. We will provide you with a few tips that are considered essential when preparing to purchase loose diamonds online.

Tips to help buy diamonds

  • Educate yourself, understand the 4 Cs of diamonds: cut, color, carat and clarity
  • Diamond pricing is a complex procedure and therefore the best option when you buy diamonds is to compare diamonds that are of same size, shape, color, clarity and cut
  • Compare diamond prices per carat when you buy diamonds, rather than comparing the total cost of all the features of loose diamonds
  • Always buy diamonds that are certified. Your diamond seller should have loose diamonds available that are AGS or GIA certified
  • Check if the diamond you intend to buy is a natural diamond or if it has been treated. Natural diamonds are considerably more expensive than processed diamonds, so when choosing processed diamonds the costs will be less

Even if you follow the tips mentioned above, finding quality diamonds at low prices is not easy. To buy diamonds that are certified and cheap, you will have to visit diamond wholesale dealers or distributors. The Diamond Registry is a diamond distributor that has been in the diamond industry for over 40 years. You can find a wide range of certified loose diamonds at The Diamond Registry, at prices that are unmatched. If you are planning to buy diamonds, you should seriously consider visiting The Diamond Registry.

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Check the education section for a detailed explanation of the 4 C's.

Learn more about the Diamond's Clarity, understand how the clarity affects the Diamond Prices.
Learn more about the Diamond's Color, understand how different colors can affect the Diamond Prices
Learn more about the Diamond's Cut, understand how the cut tremendously affects the Diamond Prices
Learn more about the Diamond's Carat (weight), 2 Carat diamond, 3 Carat diamond or 4 carat diamond prices are depending many variables.

Check the loose Diamond Prices

Diamond Registry provides you with a diamond price list which shows an average of the current market pricing trends for wholesale certified loose diamonds.
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