Fancy color diamonds: blue diamonds
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Fancy color diamonds: blue diamonds

Fancy color diamonds are valued using a different set of criteria than those used for regular diamonds. On the GIA color scale, diamonds graded with a D are colorless and worth much more than diamonds that show a yellow or brown hue, graded with a Z. However, if a diamond has more depth of color than Z, it falls into the fancy color diamond range. The diamond's worth increases with the intensity of the color. The possible different colors are steel grey, yellow, orange, green, pink, black and many more. Yet, blue and red diamonds are considered to be the most rarest gemstones of all.

Buying blue diamonds

Specific colors in the fancy color diamonds are worth much more than other colors. Yet this is not tied to any intrinsic qualities or scarcity - fashion trends dictate a color's worth. This means that the retail markups will increase even more than usual for certain colors if fashion trends call for it. The best way for you to save a lot of money, is to buy certified loose diamonds online at wholesale prices. With the certificate, you will be assured that the diamond is genuine and of high quality. Loose diamonds are available at wholesale prices, meaning that you eliminate the retail markup, and can create your own unique customized diamond ring - increasing the value of your investment considerably.

Because authentic blue diamonds are rare, you need to select a diamond dealer that has a grand collection of diamonds to increase your chances. The Diamond Registry has one of the largest networks of diamond dealers throughout the globe. Our diamond experts, with over 50 years of experience, will personally assist in finding you any fancy colored, loose diamond. Every diamond that we offer to you, will be GIA certified and priced at wholesale rates.

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