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What does it mean to buy loose diamonds?

When you are interested in buying a diamond, you’ve probably been reading up on the 4Cs, GIA certification, ring designs and advice on how to buy diamonds. Then there is a big chance you’ve also come across the term buying loose diamonds. But what exactly does it mean to buy loose diamonds? Are the diamonds a different quality than the diamonds mounted onto jewelry? What about GIA certification? Are loose diamonds for sale to everyone? And most importantly: how can you buy loose diamonds at diamond wholesale prices?

The quality of loose diamonds

loose diamondsThe quality of loose diamonds is no less than diamonds already mounted onto engagement rings or any other jewelry. In fact, buying loose diamonds means that you are buying diamonds just like jewelry manufacturers and designers do. When a jewelry designer sources a diamond for a 5 carat diamond ring, the diamond will be sourced from a diamond dealer that supplies loose diamonds at wholesale prices. This means that if you buy loose wholesale diamonds and have them mounted separately, you are cutting out the middlemen and saving yourself considerably off retail margins.

GIA Certification for loose diamonds

When it comes to diamond grading, the most accurate gem laboratory is without a doubt the GIA. The GIA is considered to be the most authoritative source on diamond grading, as they uphold the highest standards recognized by the diamond industry worldwide. In fact, the grading systems from other gem labs are adapted from the original loose diamond grading system developed by the GIA. That is why true diamond experts will always prefer to work with GIA certification. Whether you are looking for a radiant cut diamond or emerald cut diamonds, always insist on working with GIA certified diamonds. This safeguards that whatever loose diamond you intend to purchase, everyone will agree on the exact quality.

Understand the diamond carat price to buy loose diamonds like a professional

The benefit of buying loose diamonds is that you gain more control over the diamond you purchase and therefore you have more control over the budget. As opposed to when you buy a finished jewelry piece, with loose diamonds you decide on the specific diamond clarity, carat weight, cut grade and color grade – Referred to as the 4Cs. Once you have an idea what type of diamond you are looking for, the overview of every diamond carat price will enable you to calculate wholesale diamond prices. To calculate the wholesale diamond price, multiply the diamond carat price by the total number of carat weight.

For example: You want to source a loose diamond for a 10 carat diamond ring that has a G color and VS2 clarity grade. The diamond carat price is 83,270 which means that the total price is $83,270 x 10 carat = $832,700 in total.

Where to buy loose diamonds at wholesale prices?

The Diamond Registry is the gateway to the worldwide inventory of wholesale diamonds. Established in 1961 and online since 1997, The Diamond Registry has a proven track record of matching people’s diamond wishes with the perfect diamond. Through The Diamond Registry, you can buy GIA certified loose diamonds at wholesale prices from sources that are inaccessible to the main public. You also have the option to create bespoke diamond jewelry together with our in-house jewelry designers. Ask for a free quote to set your diamond experts on the search for your perfect diamond – with full certification and always at wholesale price.

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