Loose diamonds wholesale
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Loose diamonds wholesale

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What does it mean to buy loose diamonds wholesale?

Loose diamonds wholesale are the same certified quality diamonds than retail diamondsIf you are looking into buying diamonds at wholesale prices, then you have surely come across the terms "loose diamonds" and "wholesale diamonds", but what do they mean exactly? Loose diamonds are simply diamonds that have not been mounted yet onto jewelry. Effectively, to buy loose diamonds means that you purchase diamonds before they enter the retail market as finished jewelry products. Buying loose diamonds wholesale means that you purchase loose diamonds closer to the source, from diamond wholesalers, traders and merchants. Retail diamond jewelry is easily 50 - 70% more expensive than loose diamonds wholesale. You buy the same quality at more than half the price. Whether you are looking for cheap loose diamonds, big or small loose diamonds, buying loose diamonds wholesale gives you endless options to choose from.




Where do I find the prices for wholesale diamonds?

The prices for wholesale diamonds work slightly different than for retail diamonds. If you know how to calculate the total wholesale diamond prices you are ready to buy loose diamonds GIA certified like professionals do. Wholesale diamond prices are divided across the different diamond carat weights: there is a loose diamond price list for 2 carat diamonds, 3 carat diamonds, 4 carat diamonds, etc. That is because wholesale diamond prices are expressed as Price Per Carat, varying based on diamond clarity and color. To calculate the total diamond price, you need to multiply the Price Per Carat by the total diamond carat weight. Calculating loose diamond prices works like this:

If the Price Per Carat for a 3 carat G VS2 diamond is $23,100 then the total diamond price would be 3 carat x $23,100 = $69,300

As you can see, loose diamond prices are much more affordable than retail diamonds. Buying loose diamonds wholesale is the way professionals buy diamonds and is sure to save you 50-70% off retail ;prices. Not to mention, when you buy loose diamonds through Diamond Registry you get to select your diamond from the worldwide loose diamonds wholesale inventory. Find out how to buy loose diamonds.

How do I source quality loose diamonds?

You might think that loose diamond wholesale are of lesser quality than retail diamonds, but they are exactly the same. In fact, you are sourcing diamonds the same way as jewelers do. That’s why when you look for loose diamonds for sale you are saving so much on the final diamond price. The most essential step to buying quality loose diamonds, is to buy diamonds that are issued with diamond certificates such as loose diamonds GIA certified. Certificates are given to diamonds that have been graded by diamond experts, assessing the intrinsic qualities such as carat weight, color, clarity and cut. The absolute number one diamond grading lab is the GIA. They uphold the strictest diamond grading standards and pave the way for other diamond grading labs - they designed the 4Cs and diamond color and clarity grading scales. GIA certificates are regarded as the most accurate source of information regarding the quality of diamonds. Through our global network of diamond wholesalers and merchants, we can locate loose diamonds for sale of any shape and size, all issued with GIA certificates and available at wholesale prices. Ask for a free quote to get the accurate price based on today's market prices for the diamond you are looking for.



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