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Jewelry buyers

4 tips on how to sell your diamond jewelry like a professional

Why many people are looking for jewelry buyers

Jewelry buyers shopDuring recent diamond auctions, jewelry buyers have set record price after record price come by for the most exquisite diamonds ranging from 80 carat emerald cuts to 5 carat pink diamonds of the finest quality. Jewelry buyers fly all over the world chasing the world's most famous diamonds at diamond auctions. But selling diamonds and diamond jewelry is not only for the top most exquisite. All diamonds have a resale value, and if bought correctly, pose a very promising return on investment. But how to go about selling diamonds and finding jewelry buyers? Our seasoned diamond experts have put together the following tips to help you on your way:


1 Be sure to know what kind of diamond jewelry you have

You might be selling a piece of diamond jewelry that has been in the family for a number years, passing down from generation to generation. Before you take it to jewelry buyers, you need to get a jewelry appraisal so that you will know exactly what the quality is of the loose diamonds mounted in the jewelry piece you have. To prevent having to get an appraisal for your diamond, you should always buy diamonds accommodated with grading certificates, for which we highly recommend the GIA as the number one diamond grading lab.

2 Understand the diamond prices

To be able to ask for a realistic price when you talk to diamond buyers, you need to understand the diamond prices and how they are set. Together with knowing the quality of the diamond in your possession you will be able to make a proper estimate of what you diamond should be worth today. Use the diamond price list that is used in the wholesale diamond industry to see what your diamond would be worth based on today's wholesale diamond prices before you speak to a jewelry buyer.

3 Explore different jewelry buyers

When you are looking for jewelry buyers to sell your diamonds, there are many different options available to you. Generally speaking, there are two options: sell the diamond jewelry back to the industry or sell to the public. When you sell to the industry, you know you are talking to professionals that understand the value of your diamond and have the time to negotiate with you and walk you through the process. When you sell to the public, either online or through a pawnbroker, the advantage is that you can get the deal over fast if you're looking for quick cash, but you will probably not be speaking with a jewelry buyer that knows diamonds. The most important thing is to follow your gut: only speak to jewelry buyers you can trust.

4 Be ready to sell

When talking about selling diamonds, it is easy to forget that the jewelry was once bought as a very emotional gesture, and is a symbol of love and affection. You may have decided to sell your jewelry, but be emotionally prepared to really part with your diamond. Don't rush selling your diamond.

Are you ready?

If you are looking for jewelry buyers, feel free to contact our wholesale diamond experts who can walk you through the process. If need be, we can appraise your diamond jewelry so that you have a good understanding of what you have in your hand, and what you should be getting for it when you sell your diamond.



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