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If you are planning to sell your diamond jewelry, then the best thing to do is getting a jewelry appraisal done today. On a global scale, the demand for diamonds is increasing faster than the supply of diamonds which is causing a tension between the two. This creates the perfect situation for you to sell your diamond jewelry at the best price. When you want to sell jewelry, there are a few steps you have to take to ensure you’re making a smart move and getting your money’s worth. Regardless of whether you want to sell diamond rings, diamond earrings, necklace or pendant, the following guidelines will help you to sell jewelry like a professional.

Why sell jewelry now?

The Chinese and Indian markets that are getting stronger everyday are developing a taste for quality diamond jewelry, with the purchasing power to satisfy it. The vast amount of “new customers” that this has brought to the diamond market is the one of the main reasons for the increase in demand. What adds to this is the increasing number of financial institutions that are investing in diamonds right now due to a significant rise in diamond prices. From Dec 2007 up to March 2014, the 1 carat diamond price increased by 128%, the 2 carat diamond price changed by 125% and the 3 carat diamond price changed by 135%. As the increase in diamond prices continues, it creates an ideal situation for selling diamonds.

Getting a jewelry appraisal

The most important step when selling is getting a jewelry appraisal from an unbiased authoritative source. This means that you will have a full understanding of the characteristics of your jewelry piece and a detailed description of the diamond. An expert diamond grading will provide insight into your diamond’s quality characteristics such as carat weight, color grade, cut grade and clarity grade - also known as the 4Cs. Getting an exact appraisal of your diamond is very important: consider the price difference between a 1.95 carat diamond and a 2.2 carat diamond. We highly recommend sending your diamond to the GIA because it is the most authoritative gem appraisal institution with an internationally recognized standard.

GIA Certified Diamonds

After your diamond has been graded by the GIA, it will be issued with a GIA certificate and identification number. This will help you to understand the value of your diamond jewelry. Besides the 4Cs, the GIA certificate provides an in-depth evaluation of a diamond’s pavilion, crown, symmetry, depth, the intensity of fluorescence and a detailed plot of the clarity characteristic visualizing the placement of inclusions and blemishes. With a GIA certificate, both the seller and the buyer agree on the quality of the diamonds present in the jewelry piece which makes it easier to reach a selling price that satisfies both parties.

Where to sell your Diamond Jewlery

Once you have the diamond grading report, you can start looking for diamond buyers and ask for a jewelry appraisal. The diamond experts at The Diamond Registry can help determine the right price for the jewelry piece you want to sell. You will benefit from our 50+ years of experience and proven track record of finding the perfect match between jewelry buyers and sellers through our worldwide network. No wonder they call us “the matchmaker”. Fill out the Quote Form to get in contact with our diamond experts – a close personal contact that will guide you from beginning to end.

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