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How much is my Diamond Ring

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For whatever reason you want to sell your diamond ring, getting to know what your diamond ring is worth is the first step to making sure you will get the right price for your ring. Because when the decision is made and you want to sell your diamond ring, many places will accept your ring and tell you the diamond price, but this is not the best way to find out what the ring is really worth.


Diamond ring appraisal

The Diamond Registry has been in the diamond market since 1961 and has informed and successfully matched diamond buyers and sellers all over the globe. All that needs to be done is filling out a diamond price form and we can start off with giving you a full understanding of what your diamond ring is worth in today’s market. You will get to know your diamond even better than you do right now.

To support your first step in selling your diamond, we give you the tips and guidelines you need to sell your diamond like a professional trader and maximize your profits.

Tips When Selling Your Diamond Ring

A: Getting a diamond appraisal is the first and most important step when selling your diamond ring or any other jewelry. A fair diamond appraisal must come from an unbiased reliable source.

By sharing the certificate number and sending your diamond ring to the reliable source, the evaluation of the diamond value can be made. A diamond appraisal will be made based on for example, the 4Cs and characteristics such as dimensions of the crown, pavilion, symmetry, depth and other measurements. Request a free and fair diamond appraisal of Diamond Registry in the form on the right and our experts will evaluate your diamond.

A: When you’re selling a diamond ring or any other jewelry, turn to an independent reliable source/expert that can connect you to other buyers internationally. Using a source that has been operating worldwide for many years will have more network connections, increasing your options of selling at a profit.

A: Scared to put the ring in a box and send it off? We understand that, which is why we use only the most reputable companies such as Brinks in the diamond industry that hold very high standards like we do.

A: Know your diamond’s value by having a diamond appraisal.

A: We respond to each filled in form within the same day. If you need it instantly, please call us at +852 2115 5311 or +1 212 575 0444

A: First, be emotionally ready to sell your diamond ring. If the sentimental value is still too strong, it will influence your selling price expectations and you might miss out on what is actually a good deal. Knowing the difference between retail prices and pre-owned diamonds can helps prepare you. Retail prices are much higher due to margins, brand names and overhead costs.

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The 4 Major Factors That Influence Diamond Value


When you sell your diamonds, the unbiased source will evaluate your loose diamond based on many factors. The four factors that influence the diamond value the most are the 4Cs: carat, color, clarity and cut.

  • Carat: This factor is the most visibly obvious factor and refers to the weight of the diamond, and therefore is an indication of diamond size. The larger the diamond, the greater the weight, the higher the price.

  • Color: Diamond color grading scales from GIA or other grading labs indicate the level in color in colorless diamonds, as there can be hints of yellow or brown. For colorless diamonds, the total absence of color is the most desired and holds higher value. Colored diamonds are opposite as color intensity is more desired.

  • Clarity: Clarity refers to how clean the diamond is on the inside and outside. The highest clarity is Flawless, meaning no inclusions (inside) or blemishes (outside). The less inclusions or blemishes the more valuable the diamond.

  • Cut: This is the only factor determined by humans as it refers to the diamond shape. The value is higher for modern diamonds that have near immaculate cuts than antique cuttings. In addition, the way a diamond is cut by the diamond cutter plays a role in value too. The value of a poorly cut diamond with the same clarity and color as an excellent cut diamond is significantly lower.


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