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Heart shaped
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One of the most
attractive fancy cuts

Only skilled cutters can make a perfect heart shaped diamond

Heart shaped diamond ringHeart shaped engagement rings are increasingly popular these recent years. The increase in heart shaped engagement rings are partly caused by the fact that heart shaped diamonds are one of the most attractive fancy cut diamonds in the diamond industry. Heart shaped diamonds are in fact modified brilliants, as the cut is based on round cut diamonds. For many years the heart is has symbolized the universal meaning of love, therefore sales of heart shaped engagement rings are skyrocketing.


The appearance of heart shaped diamonds

Pink heart shaped diamond ringHeart shaped diamonds have a well-defined outline and lovely lobes. The lobes of a heart shaped diamond have to be well rounded and clearly defined. Therefore a skilled cutter can make a big difference in the appearance of a heart shaped diamond as opposed to average diamond cutters. In addition, symmetry of a heart shaped diamond is more important than an emerald cut diamond, radiant cut or marquise cut diamond. Symmetry is very important for this fancy cut because it really needs to get the iconic shape of a heart.


Trending heart shaped engagement rings

Heart shaped engagement rings are truly a beautiful way to express your love. A pink colored diamond that is cut into a heart shaped diamond can give an extra romantic feeling. However, red diamonds can make the diamond look even more impressive. Only red diamonds are very rare and very expensive.

There are many different kind of heart shaped engagement rings available online or in retail stores. Interesting to know is that almost every heart shaped diamond is mounted in a prong setting, due to the fact that metal claws can hold and beautifully present the diamond in the ring. Very favorable ring bands for heart shaped engagement rings are eternity ring bands. It gives the heart shaped diamond an extra glamorous look. In order to make the diamond look even more glamorous, a heart shaped diamond is often put into a halo setting. Because a heart shaped diamond in a halo setting will be encircled by small diamonds to make the center stone appear bigger.

Last but not least, rose golden ring bands for heart shaped engagement rings are definitely trending. Because rose golden ring band will make the ring appear even more romantic and unique.

Create your ideal heart shaped engagement ring

The search for the right heart shaped engagement ring can be difficult or comfortable. If you choose to create your own heart shaped engagement ring you will have the benefit that you do not have visit all the retail store to find that ideal ring.

At Diamond Registry you can easily ask for a free quote to receive the up-to-date wholesale price for loose diamonds. After which diamond experts will search your requested diamond and present it to you with the best diamond price. In addition, you are able to show the in-house jewelers your ideal heart shaped ring design which is more convenient than visiting all different kind of retail stores. Thus, the easiest and most comfortable way to purchase your ideal heart shaped engagement ring is to create one with help of diamond experts.



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