Green Diamonds
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Green Diamonds

Increasing number of
colored engagement rings

A green diamond is extremely rare and highly valued

Green diamonds asscher cut are rare and beautifulNatural colored diamonds are rare, but only a green diamond is extremely rare. From all the colored diamonds green diamonds and red diamonds are the rarest. Red diamonds need such a unique color formation that even green diamonds are only second rarest, after the stunning red diamond. However, a green diamond is more expensive than orange, brown, pink or yellow diamonds. Due to the rarity of colored diamonds, the increase in colored diamond engagement rings and wedding rings is rising. Many men are proposing to their loved ones with one of these rare colored diamonds that are cut in for example round shape, emerald shape or radiant shape.

The largest natural green diamond known in the world is the 41 carat Dresden Green. The color of this beautiful green diamond is evenly distributed over the body of the stone. While other colored diamond only own color at outer sides of the diamond and not at the inner side.

The unique color formation of a green diamond

Fancy vivid green diamonds VS2 clarity combine very well with pink diamondsA green diamond owes it color to the millions of years of exposure to natural occurring radiation. This natural radiation creates a green color on the external surface and inside the diamond. This strong radiation pushes into a diamond where it absorbs the red and yellow facets turning it to a green color. Although it is uncommon for a green diamond to have green color that reaches deep inside the diamond.

The secondary colors seen in a green diamond are mostly blue and yellow. Therefore, green diamonds can be a bit bluish green or yellowish green. But if the color of the green diamond is less saturated the diamond will turn out more grayish green or brownish green.

Grading the green color

When a colored diamond is graded to estimate the value of the diamond, the strength of the color is the most important. Color is important because the value of a colored diamond depends on the color intensity. Green diamonds that appear faint can be called mint green. If the green diamond have a more intense color it will be called grass green and after this forest green. The main steps to grade a green colored diamond is to look at the diamond’s hue, saturation, tone and distribution. We will shortly explain these aspects:

  • Diamond hue, the dominant diamond color

  • Diamond saturation, the intensity of the main color in the diamond

  • Diamond tone, the light or dark appearance of the diamond

  • Diamond distribution, how evenly the color is spread across the body of the gem


Own the second rarest gemstone

Finding a green diamond that fits your needs and budget is fairly difficult if you do not know the right places to search. Still it is possible to purchase the second rarest gemstone in the world at a good wholesale diamond price. The Diamond Registry is one of the right places that can help you find the perfect green diamond. With more than 50 years of experience our network has grown so big that our experts can help you. Ask for a free quote and you will be linked to one of our diamond experts. This diamond expert will search the worldwide loose diamond inventory for the best price and diamond with GIA certificate. In addition, it is possible to create your own jewelry with the in-house jewelers to match your green diamond. So your dream to propose with a green diamond can become reality.



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