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Why you should always buy GIA diamonds

You may be familiar with the 4Cs of diamonds – carat, color, cut, clarity – but did you know they were designed by the GIA? That’s just one example to show why you should always buy GIA diamonds. Simply put, the GIA is the most reliable diamond grading lab for all types of diamonds. No matter if it’s GIA Hong Kong, GIA USA…GIA is reliable all over the world. There are many professionals in the diamond Hong Kong industry, and most if not all will always tell you that you should go for GIA diamonds.

What makes GIA diamonds reliable?

gia hong kongWhile there are many different diamond grading labs, there is one simple truth why GIA is the most reliable: all other diamond grading labs have based their methods and scales on how the GIA diamond grading systems works. That’s why most jewelry shops in Hong Kong will usually have signs that indicate they work with GIA diamonds. All diamonds graded by GIA will be issued with a diamond certificate or grading report, that outlines the 4Cs of the diamond and other important information such as fluorescence, measurements and visual plot of any present inclusions or blemishes. That report has unique number, which is also engraved on the girdle of the diamond, barely visible at 10x magnification. This creates absolute certainty that the grading report in your hand is linked to the diamond on your finger.

Why do some people choose other diamond grading labs?

Some other diamond grading labs have less strict standards when it comes to evaluating diamonds. This means that if you have your diamond graded with a less strict lab, it might receive an F color grading, even though the GIA would rate it as H or I color. This could mean you pay more for the diamond than you actually should, and it will certainly become an issue when you want to sell or exchange your diamond. Hong Kong is a city built on trade, and the GIA Hong Kong diamond trade is always hot. Most diamond buyers, private or professional, will insist on GIA certificates. So your previously F color graded diamond will have to go through GIA Hong Kong to get a certificate, and you might receive a lower color grade in return. But that was the actual color grade to begin with. So you will likely end up having to sell at a lower price that what you bought for.

Where can I buy GIA Hong Kong diamonds?

For all the reasons listed above, the Diamond Registry will always urge you to buy GIA diamonds. All the diamonds we include in our selection for you to choose from will come with GIA certificates. When you have chosen a diamond, we help you read the identification number on the side of the diamond, and you will have the original GIA report in your hands. If you have a non-GIA diamond, and you would like to have it certified by GIA Hong Kong, we can help you to have it graded by the GIA Hong Kong industry professionals. If you would like to exchange your diamond, we can help too. The Diamond Registry is connected to the world wide diamond industry as one of the primary sources of wholesale diamond prices and information. We can get you any diamond available in the world today, whether you’re in Hong Kong or elsewhere – we’ve got you covered.

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