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GIA Diamond

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A quick overview of the GIA (Gemological Institute of America)

GIA diamond certificateA GIA Diamond is a diamond graded by the world’s best acknowledge diamond grading laboratory. The reason that a GIA diamond grading report is considered to be the most correct in terms of accuracy and reliability is because the GIA holds a higher standard for grading loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. The GIA diamond grading is accurate and very strict, making a GIA diamond more trustful to buy. In other words, the GIA is considered to be the primary source on diamond grading, holding the highest grading standards in the diamond industry. There are other gem laboratories that are independent and also grade loose diamonds but their grading systems are adapted from the GIA loose diamond grading system. Making it obvious that a GIA diamond is graded by the best diamond grading experts with the most reliable standards.

Understanding the GIA reports

GIA diamond: color, cut, clarity, caratWhen you ask for GIA certification, it means that your loose diamond or diamond jewelry is accommodated by a GIA diamond grading certificate. A GIA certificate is added to a graded GIA diamond showing the most important quality features and characteristics of your loose diamond. GIA Certificates are fairly easy to understand and read, once you have gained sufficient knowledge through your diamond education. With a GIA diamond certificate, you will have an overview of the carat weight, cut, color and diamond clarity. Additionally, a number of other essential diamond features are assessed such at polish, symmetry, measurements and fluorescence. A unique GIA diamond code inscription located on the girdle links the loose diamond to the specific GIA diamond certificate. The laser inscription can only be seen only under 10x magnification.


Purchasing a GIA Diamond

When you have an idea of what kind of diamond you want, ask our wholesale diamond experts for a free quote. Our worldwide inventory of loose diamonds consists only of the finest diamonds all accommodated with GIA certification. Whether you are interested in a 3 carat G VS1 round diamond or a 5 carat D SI1, GIA diamond grading covers all types of diamonds – and we give you access. We have been serving the public since 1961, granting people access to wholesale diamond prices for GIA diamonds. The Diamond Registry is the oldest online diamond company as we have been publishing the wholesale diamond price list since 1997. If you want to have your loose GIA diamond set in jewelry, our in-house jewelers are ready to make the most intricate and beautiful diamond jewelry exactly as you want it.



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