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GIA Certification

Number one certification
for loose diamonds

Meet the best diamond grading certification

GIA certification documentLoose diamonds can be graded by several grading labs to receive a certification, but the GIA certification is the best. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the world largest and most respected non-profit institute of gemological learning, research and diamond grading for loose diamonds and jewelry appraisal. In other words, the GIA is considered to be the primary source on diamond grading, having the highest grading standards in the diamond industry. The GIA developed an international grading system for loose diamonds. This grading system provides a GIA certification for each graded loose diamond. In addition, the GIA have develop the famous 4Cs (clarity, carat, color and cut). The 4Cs is an objective way to compare and evaluate diamonds with each other.

The purpose of GIA certification

GIA diamond: color, cut, clarity, caratA lot of diamond buyers will prefer a diamond with GIA certification. Because diamonds that come with GIA certification can give the diamond buyer more trust. A GIA certification is a scientific blueprint of a diamond that shows its exact qualities. The GIA is the most accurate and trusted certification for loose diamond grading. In the GIA blueprint, all the diamond components are put into easily understood words so everyone can be helped while buying a loose diamond that is colorless or colored.

Components shown on a GIA certificate

GIA certification helps diamond buyers to receive all the information about a loose diamond’s quality. On a GIA certificate, customers can always find a hologram, a security screen and microprint lines. In addition, a GIA certificate includes:

  • A plotting diagram
    Shows how clearly a diamond is and if there are inclusions or other clarity characteristics
  • A report number
    Is linked to the graded diamond and makes it easier to find the report in the database
  • A laser inscription registry
    shows the report number on the diamond. It is only visible with a 180 x magnification.
  • A proportion diagram
    Shows the proportions of the loose diamond

To go into depth of diamond’s information the highly trained diamond graders, gemologist and scientists give information about these components:

  • Polish
  • Symmetry
  • Shape and cutting style
  • Measurements
  • Carat weight
  • Color grade
  • Cut grade
  • Finish
  • Fluorescence
  • Comment


Diamond Registry only provides GIA diamonds

Loose diamonds that have a GIA certificate are graded by the best grading institute in the world. The Diamond Registry is an expert in the diamond industry for more than 50 years and provides only GIA diamonds. Because of the years of experience, The Diamond Registry has become the matchmaker between customers and GIA diamonds. Whether your are interested in buying a GIA diamond for an engagement ring or wedding ring, The Diamond Registry can find the perfect diamond with GIA certification in no time. In addition, you are able to create your own jewelry with our in-house jewelers to make your engagement ring or wedding ring more unique. Ask for a free quote and our diamond experts will find your loose diamond with GIA certification.



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