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4 steps to purchasing the perfect engagement rings

When it comes to diamond jewelry, engagement rings are truly the most special of all. No other gift is as jam-packed with symbolism of love and lifelong commitment. If you are looking for engagement rings, then you must first educate yourself on diamonds so that you will make a smart purchase of the highest quality possible within your budget. The best way is buying loose diamonds and having them mounted onto your engagement ring separately. This gives you more control over the quality of the diamonds, the design of your engagement ring and ultimately your budget. Follow these 4 steps to find the perfect engagement rings:

Step 1: The 4cs of Diamond quality

Radiant cut diamonds engagement ringThe 4Cs have been developed by the GIA to grade loose diamonds using 4 diamond quality features: carat weight, diamond clarity, color and cut. One carat weighs 200 grams and is used to indicate a diamond’s size – however it is not a precise indication. Diamond clarity ranges from Flawless to Inclusions 3, assessing the internal flaws and external blemishes of a diamond. The diamond color grade ranges from D to Z, where D is the most desired colorless and Z has a slight yellow hue. Cut is what gives a diamond its sparkle, brilliance and fire. Lastly, diamond cut may also refer to diamond shape. There are many different diamond shapes such as a radiant cut diamond or emerald cut diamonds.

Step 2: Source Loose diamonds at wholesale prices

Cushion cut diamonds engagement ringThe benefit of buying loose diamonds is that you gain more control over the diamond you purchase and therefore you have more control over the budget. As opposed to when you buy a finished jewelry piece, with loose diamonds you decide on the specific diamond clarity, cut grade, carat weight and color grade. A jewelry designer will source a diamond for a 6 carat diamond ring from a diamond dealer that supplies loose diamonds at wholesale prices. This means that if you buy loose diamonds and look for wholesale diamond prices, you are cutting out the middlemen and saving yourself considerably off retail margins.

Step 3: Picking the perfect diamond for engagement rings

Now you are ready to find the perfect diamond within your budget. You should now have an idea on the type of diamond – perhaps a 2 carat radiant cut diamond – and you know you have to look for loose diamonds on the wholesale diamond market. To calculate the estimated wholesale price for your diamond, use the diamond carat price listed on the diamond price list. To calculate diamond wholesale prices, multiply the price per carat by the total number of carat weight.

Example 1: For a 10 carat diamond ring, the diamond’s price per carat for an H color VS1 is $65,450 which means that the total price is $65,450 x 10 carat = $654,450.

Example 2: For a 5 carat diamond ring, the diamond’s price per carat for an H color VS1 is $41,580 which means that the total price is $41,580 x 5 carat = $207,900.

However, these are estimates. Ask for a free quote from our diamond experts to receive the exact price of your diamond based on today’s wholesale market. Through The Diamond Registry, you can buy GIA certified loose diamonds at wholesale prices from sources that are inaccessible to the main public. Our in-house jewelry designers are here to create bespoke engagement rings for you using the most modern ring designs and jewelry techniques.

Step 4: Ring designs and ring settings

Engagement ring settingsThere are endless possibilities for engagement rings when it comes to design, the type of metal to use for the band and the diamond itself. Most people prefer a solitaire ring which means the ring has only a single large stone as a centerpiece. When it comes to metals, you can choose from Platinum, 18k gold, 14k gold and palladium amongst others. Then there are many different ring settings:
• Bezel settings hold diamonds securely in place with a metal rim that surrounds all sides of the stone, extending slightly above it.
• The prong setting forms a basket-like base using three or more metal prongs which are bent over and shaped so that they gently rest against the crown of the diamonds, just past the girdle.
• Channel set diamonds are placed into a metal channel on the ring shank, and flow in a continuous row.
• Invisible setting is often used for engagement rings and wedding rings. In the girdle of each loose diamond, grooves are made that slip into a metal framework below the surface. The metal cannot be seen, so the diamonds sit side-by-side creating a solid surface of diamonds.

Advice from the experts: No engagement rings without GIA Certification

When you are choosing a diamond dealer that has loose diamonds for sale, we urge you to always insist on working with GIA certification. This ensures that whatever type of loose diamond you intend to purchase, everyone will agree on the quality. The GIA certification process holds the highest standard in the diamond industry. In fact, the grading systems from other gem labs such as IGI, HRD, or EGL are adapted from the original loose diamond grading system developed by the GIA. That is why we will always advise you to buy GIA certified diamonds: to guarantee quality and true value.

How to get started

Once you have an idea of what type of diamond you would like for your engagement ring, ask us for a free quote to send our diamond experts on the search for the diamond that would be perfect for you. Established in 1961 and online since 1997, The Diamond Registry is the gateway to the worldwide inventory of loose diamonds at wholesale prices of the finest quality. Create bespoke engagement rings with our jewelry designers to have an engagement ring that is truly unique.

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