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   Congratulations that you made up your mind to make the first step to a wonderful milestone in your life by finding this must read engagement rings Hong Kong tip! This tip will help and advise you how to buy engagement rings in Hong Kong the easy and definitely beneficial way. Because if you really love somebody and would like him or her to be a part of your life it might be time to put a pretty diamond ring on that finger.

However, finding that perfect diamond ring in a place like Hong Kong can be very difficult and you do want the ring to be special, unique and rock your loved one’s world. So why not choose to customize and design that perfect engagement ring while saving up to 50% in diamond price, allowing yourself to purchase a larger or better quality diamond or spark up the ring design, right?

By choosing for a diamond wholesaler for your diamond ring instead of the high-end stores in the main streets you cut out the middleman and many overhead cost such as retail cost. This cutting out of the middleman and many overhead cost can save you up to 50% in diamond price getting you more bling for your buck! In addition, the variation of loose diamond shapes, color, sizes and grading is enormous compared to the retail since a diamond wholesaler is able to source directly from the global diamond inventory which is the direct source where finished diamonds gather. By putting your focus on the loose diamond of your engagement ring you are ensured that there will definitely be an “O My God” moment since it is the eye catcher of the diamond engagement ring.

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The Diamond Registry is a diamond wholesaler that is located in the heart of Hong Kong – Central who essentially supplies loose wholesale diamonds to diamond suppliers of Hong Kong. By being the most comprehensive diamond information platform since 1961 The Diamond Registry has a clientele all over the globe and another headquarters in New York. Where their diamond professionals hand pick, guide and advise only the finest suitable loose wholesale diamonds from the source for the interested diamond buyers. While The Diamond Registry has started off serving only the professionals of the diamond industry, the doors are now also open for you to purchase that perfect loose diamond from the source with a wholesale price tag. No matter where the diamond at that moment is located, the Registry has shipments all over the globe and can take along your diamond free of charge and without any commitment.

When you made your choice for that right loose diamond you can start personalizing your engagement ring even more by designing and customizing your own ring. With or without the help of experienced diamond jewelers Diamond Registry provides, you will be able to apply every detail you feel comfortable with.
And to make the search for that perfect diamond engagement ring in Hong Kong even more pleasant, The Diamond Registry is reviewed by several Hong Kong Media such as Sassy Hong Kong and experienced as a friendly experience full of laughter and jewelry anecdotes making a stressful task a pleasant task, Read full review here.

Allow yourself to personalize that special diamond engagement ring by choosing your own loose diamond and designing your own diamond ring while saving up to 50% in price. Hopefully this engagement rings Hong Kong tip helped your search and feel free to check out The Diamond Registry’s service by giving a call or walking in to their office located at the heart of Central, Hong Kong.

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Diamond Registry
6/F, Eubank Plaza, 9 Chiu Lung Street, Central hong kong, Hong kong 00000
Phone: 2116 5311





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