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How do you find that perfect engagement ring in HK?

Hong Kong is often compared to New York City for the amazing wholesale diamonds and diamond jewelry business that can be found in both cities. Every diamond shop in Hong Kong is always busy with people buying engagement rings or other types of jewelry. And the shops are everywhere throughout the city. On every main street you’ll find several diamond shops with shiny diamonds, engagement rings and other precious stones on display. In fact, a lot of the tourists that frequently come to HK, come for the amazing deals they can get here on high quality diamonds.

Because of the friendly tax environment, Hong Kong is a great place to buy diamonds and engagement rings. It will definitely be a lot cheaper than in most other countries. But as you probably know, even in a place like Hong Kong, there are good deals and even better deals. We’ll show you how to maximize your savings on Hong Kong for buying that beautiful engagement ring in HK. Truly the best of the best diamond deals are available when you’re in HK shopping for engagement rings.

Buy an engagement ring close to the source in Hong Kong

engagement ring hkIn the middle of the busy city center, you’ll find the Diamond Registry. They offer diamond education, wholesale prices, purchasing guidance and jewelry services – the only diamond source you will ever need to buy an engagement ring. Diamond Registry has offices in New York City, Hong Kong and agents located all over the world, which has allowed them to help clients source the finest diamonds and make exceptional engagement rings for over 50 years. They have a global network of diamond suppliers and are at the heart of the HK diamond scene. There are so many diamond shops in Hong Kong, it would take you a lot of time to explore and look into every one of these.

With the Diamond Registry you won’t have to. They supply the diamond shops and jewelers, you will be buying your diamond engagement ring closer to the source. They sell loose diamonds at wholesale prices and offer jewelry services to go with it. This means that it becomes incredibly easy for you to strike the best deal and wear that amazing engagement ring way within your budget.

HK diamonds at wholesale prices with Diamond Registry

Diamond Registry was established in 1961, and has quickly become the number one source of diamond price related information on which the diamond industry relies on. It all started with their industry newsletter, in which they published the current wholesale diamond prices. Since then, they have started expanding their educational and purchasing guidance services, opened the first online diamond source in 1997 and have serviced the public using their global wholesale diamond network.

On the website, you are still able to find the most current wholesale diamond prices, along with a vast library of educational articles on picking the perfect diamond, how to fit a diamond into your budget, how to buy investment diamonds and tips and trends on diamond jewelry. The absolute source when it comes buying an engagement ring – you won’t need to look any further.


What are wholesale diamond prices?

Wholesale diamond prices simply means that buy diamonds closer to the source and pay the same as professionals jewelers do when they source diamonds. This means that you will be saving 50-70% on retail margins. On the same quality diamonds. That’s a deal you can’t afford to miss. Simply ask for a free quote, send an email, call into the office or just drop by in the NYC office or the HK diamond office in Central. There are diamond experts there that will be able to help you out and find the finest engagement ring at the finest price. Have a look at the wholesale diamond price list on the website to get a preview of the diamond prices you will be able to get.

Diamond Registry
6/F, Eubank Plaza, 9 Chiu Lung Street, Central, Hong Kong,
Hong kong,
Phone: 2116 5311



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