Emerald Cut Engagement Rings
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Emerald Cut
Engagement Rings

The modern engagement ring

A popular fancy cut diamond

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings 13 carat fancy pinkEmerald cut diamond rings are the most popular in the industry among the modern diamond rings. The round cut diamonds are sold the most in the diamond industry. Yet this modern engagement ring is also favorable for proposals. The emerald cut owns its name based on the fact that the diamond cut is designed for emeralds and not diamonds. The emerald cut has a wider and brighter look because of the open table and longer lines than the round cut diamonds. The reason why the emerald cut diamond is cut into step cuts is mainly because emeralds were so difficult to cut due to the inclusions in an emerald stone.





Colored diamonds & emerald cut diamonds

Vintage Emrelard Cut Engagement RingsThe combination between colored diamonds and emerald cut diamonds is increasingly popular. Therefore many emerald cut diamond rings are mounted with colored diamonds for example, pink diamonds, yellow diamonds, blue diamonds, brown diamonds or green diamonds. Even though colored diamonds are rare and very expensive, they are still a popular pick for emerald cut wedding rings and emerald cut engagement rings. However, red diamonds, green diamonds and blue diamonds are not seen so much as pink and yellow diamonds because red and blue are the rarest of all fancy colored diamonds.


Picking emerald cut diamond rings

The emerald cut diamond rings are widely varied because of the different kind of styles in diamond color, ring setting and diamond weight. But for picking emerald cut diamond rings are just several main rules. The first thing you have to take into account is that emerald cuts are recommended to stay above VS1 or VS2 and the color H. This is because the emerald cut diamonds have a bigger table which makes it easier to see the inclusions or tones with the naked eye. Unlike round cut diamonds the emerald cut diamonds are not graded for cut quality by the GIA. So in the GIA report you have to focus on the symmetry and polish grades that are stated in the diamond grading report.

If your rather prefer help from a diamond expert to create your own emerald cut diamond ring you can fill in a free quote. After filling in a free quote our diamond experts will try their best to find your emerald cut diamond with GIA certification. After that you can even design your own unique emerald cut diamond ring with the in-house designers. In this way you will surpass the standard emerald cut diamond rings in the market and it shall be 50% less in price.



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