Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Emerald Cut
Engagement ring

Emerald cut diamonds
are elegant and timeless

An emerald cut engagement ring for the modern couple

6 carat emerald cut engagement ringThe most special diamond jewelry that you will ever get, are diamond engagement rings. Traditional diamond engagement rings are usually mounted with a round diamond, but if you are interested in a modern approach to the engagement ring there are many different options available to you in terms of loose diamond shape, overall design, precious metals – for rose gold engagement rings for example – and ring settings. An emerald cut engagement ring with its square look presents elegance and sophistication, perfect for the modern couple.

Picking perfect emerald cut diamonds

Emerald cut engagement ringEmerald cut diamonds are a type of step cut, which means they have long facets rows much like a staircase. Due to the longer facet lines, emerald cut diamonds are usually less sparkly than round cut diamonds yet have wider more dramatic light flashes. It is especially important to focus on the color and clarity grade when picking an emerald cut engagement ring. The open table and larger facets make color and inclusions become more visible. Emerald cut diamonds vary from rectangular to nearly square. If you are looking for a classical square emerald cut engagement ring, then look for emerald cut diamonds with a length-to-width ratio between 1.30 and 1.40.

How to buy emerald cut diamonds for an emerald cut engagement ring

There are many different avenues available to you when it comes to buying an emerald cut diamond engagement ring, but to make the smartest purchase you must follow the following golden rule of buying diamonds: only buy GIA certified loose diamonds sourcing the wholesale diamond market. The GIA is the number one diamond grading lab, with the highest quality standards recognized by the retail and wholesale diamond industry worldwide. When you buy diamonds with GIA certification, every single party involved today and in the future will agree on the diamond’s quality. Loose diamonds allow you to purchase diamonds at a much lower price when compared to finished retail diamond jewelry, plus it gives you more control over the specific quality of your emerald diamond engagement ring. Sourcing the wholesale diamond market will save you 50-70% off retail margins.

Where to buy an emerald cut engagement ring

The Diamond Registry is the primary source for diamond education, up-to-date wholesale diamond prices and is the key supplier to diamond wholesalers, suppliers, manufacturers and retail stores. By asking for a free quote, our wholesale diamond experts will source the worldwide inventory of GIA certified loose diamonds to find the perfect emerald cut diamonds for you. Accessing sources inaccessible to you, your wholesale diamond experts will help you to get your emerald cut engagement ring at least at half the price compared to jewelry retail stores. Our jewelers are standing by to create engagement rings, or any other type of jewelry, that is uniquely yours.



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