Emerald cut diamond
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Emerald Cut Diamond

the step cut diamond shape

Meet the emerald cut diamond

Yellow diamond fancy colorThe emerald cut diamond owns a premium place among the popular fancy cuts in the diamond industry. The emerald cut diamond can be associated with a staircase because of the step cuts. Originally the emerald cut diamond was developed for emeralds and not for diamonds, thus the name. The emerald cut diamond is available in shapes ranging from square to rectangular. But as opposed to the other popular square or rectangular cuts the emerald is not cut for brilliance. It was cut in step cuts because the emeralds were difficult to cut due to the numerous inclusions. Yet the emerald cut gives the diamond a wider and shinier look, due to the longer lines compared to the round cut.

Select the highest grade possible

Personalized Unique Wedding RingThe emerald cut diamond deserves a good quality diamond because of the open table in the middle of the diamond. With this open table, or large facets, it is easier to see color and inclusions than with other diamond cuts. And unlike round diamonds, the emerald cut diamond is not graded on the cut quality by the GIA but only the symmetry and polish grades will be stated in the diamond grading report. In addition, it is recommended for an emerald cut diamond to stay above the H color and focus your diamond search on clarity VS1 and VS2 to decrease the visible inclusions or tones with the naked eye.


Trendy Emerald cut diamond combinations

Loose emerald cut diamond can stand out in the right jewelry combination. The trends that are seen for the emerald cut diamond are widely varied because of the different ring settings, diamond settings, diamond colors or diamond weight. Popular emerald cut diamond combinations mostly have an invisible setting or channel setting in rose gold or white gold. In addition, the ring setting trend shows us multiple ring bands that can be mounted with loose colored diamonds or colorless diamonds.

Purchasing loose emerald cut diamonds

The staircase emerald cut diamond looks the best if the clarity is minimally VS1 or VS2. And besides the clarity, the emerald cut diamond is recommended not to go below H color. By asking for a free quote, The Diamond registry will source the worldwide inventory of GIA certified loose diamonds to find the perfect emerald cut diamond you like. And if the loose diamond is found, it is possible to ask our in-house jewelers to create your special trending diamond ring, or any other type of jewelry.



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