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Color of Diamonds Education

The diamond color chart explained

While diamonds can be found in almost every color of the rainbow, colorless diamonds remain the most popular.

When describing the color of a diamond reference is being made to the degree of color found in that diamond. The less color displayed in a diamond the better the color grade. The notable exception to this would be in the case of fancy colored diamonds, such as pink, yellow, green and blue. In fancy colored diamonds a strong presence of color would improve the diamond's color grading.

The best color is no color at all. Diamonds allow light to be reflected and dispersed as a rainbow of color. This light dispersion, or color flash, has no effect on the technical grading of color.

The absolute finest colorless stone carries a D rating, descending through each letter of the alphabet to Z, designating a diamond of light yellow, brown, or gray. This body color may be caused by the presence of trace elements, such as nitrogen, within the atomic framework of the carbon crystal.

Have no inclusions when examined by an experienced grader, but will have some minor blemishes.

As the body color becomes more intense, the grade for color descends the scale. It is always best to compare diamonds graded by either the GIA or theAGS for accurate color grading.

The color grades can be described as follows:

  • D, E & F grades: These are clolorless diamonds. Only experienced diamond graders are capable of differentiating between D & E colours, and then only if these diamonds are unmounted. Diamond graders can more consistently identify F colour diamonds.
  • G, H, I & J grades: These are near colorless diamonds, and very often appear colorless when mounted and graded face up. Non- diamond graders will not be able to detect color in these diamonds. The average consumer will only be able to detect a subtle presence of color around the J grade.
  • K, L & M grades: Most consumers will be able to identify color in these diamonds, when mounted.
  • O –Z grades: Most consumers will be quick to notice color in these diamonds, regardless of how the diamond is mounted. These diamonds will range between a very-light yellow and a light yellow, however brown and grey tones may also be identified.
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