Different cuts of diamonds
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Different cuts of diamonds


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The most popular cuts of diamonds are…

Round cut diamonds shapeIn the diamond industry there are many different cuts of diamonds. The most popular among all the different cuts of diamonds is definitely the round cut diamond. It was created in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky to achieve the maximum brilliance. With the proportions and specific angles, the return of light is at its best which returns a beautiful sparkle. But next to the 56 facet round diamond cut there are many other diamond shapes. Let’s look at the other most popular diamond shapes.

Pear shape diamond

Pear shape diamondJust like the name of this diamond says, this diamond's appearance looks like a pear. This cut of diamond is a variation of the traditional round cut diamond mixed with an oval or marquise cut diamond. Some say the pear shape diamond resembles a glittering teardrop that has the right proportions to refract light. A pear shape diamond looks stunning in a pendant or a pair of diamond earrings.




Emerald cut diamond

Emerald cut diamondThe emerald cut diamond is one of the most popular fancy cuts in the diamond industry. It is a diamond cut with step cuts, which means that the gemstone has longer lines. These longer lines can make the diamond look wider, thus for an emerald cut it is smart to have a higher clarity rate or else it is noticeable that there are inclusions or blemishes.





Princess cut diamond

Princess cut diamond

diamond that has a square appearance and its faceting style is similar to a round cut diamond. The facets in this cut of diamond are kite-shaped facets that radiate from the center of the diamond. This princess cut is also very favorable for colored diamonds just like the cushion cut diamond, which looks like princess cut but than with cut corners. You see, there are many different cuts of diamonds, each with their own beauty.



For more different cuts of diamonds see our educational page with diamond shapes.





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