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Step 1: DIAMOND SHAPE: How to choose ?

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STEP 2: DIAMOND SIZE: How to choose ?

Size :

There are many different facets to understanding diamonds. Firstly, you have to understand which factors determine diamond quality. This includes carat weight, color grade, cut grade and diamond clarity commonly referred to as the 4Cs.

The 4Cs will help you to decide what kind of diamond you may want to purchase – would you rather go for a 3 carat radiant cut diamond D color VVS1 or a 6 carat diamond ring G color VS2? Or would you rather go for something entirely different like a yellow diamond? Part of deciding on the type of diamond, is to know what would be possible within your budget.

The quality of wholesale diamonds

wholesale diamondsThere is no reason why the quality of wholesale diamonds should be any less than retail diamonds sold by famous brands. A Cushion Shape wholesale diamond graded as 5.35 carat G VS1 will be the same as any branded diamond of the same certified grade. Wholesale diamonds, like any diamond, should always be issued with a diamond certification. For this, we recommend the GIA as the most authoritative and accurate gem laboratory. The term wholesale if often associated with buying in bulk. However, this is not the case when you buy diamonds at wholesale prices. Whether you purchase one 0.5 carat diamond or three 2 carat diamonds is up to you.

Enter the world of diamond experts and buy loose diamonds at wholesale prices

There are many different stages before a diamond reaches a store after it is uncovered from a diamond mine. Buying wholesale diamonds essentially means you are buying diamonds at a stage in the supply chain before they end up in retail stores and diamond shops. Buying loose diamonds means you get there before they are sent to jewelry manufacturers. By eliminating the middle men between you and the diamond you are saving yourself up to 50% off retail prices.

Wholesale diamond prices – understanding the price chart

When buying diamonds like professionals do, you must be able to understand how the pricing system works for wholesale diamonds. For every carat size, there is a price chart that denotes the diamond price per different color grade and clarity grade for that particular carat size. That price is called the Price per Carat, and does not reflect the total price. To calculate the total wholesale diamond prices, you have to multiply that number by the size of the diamond.

For example: If the Price per Carat for a Round 3 carat F VS1 is $33,000, then the total wholesale price is 3 x $33,000 = $99,000.

GIA diamonds

The GIA is considered to be the most authoritative source on diamond grading, as they uphold the highest standards recognized by the diamond industry worldwide. In fact, the grading systems from other gem labs are adapted from the original loose diamond grading system developed by the GIA. That is why true diamond experts will always prefer to work with GIA certified diamonds. Read More.

Diamond cut

A diamond cut refers to the proportions and finishing of the diamond. The word diamond ‘cut’ can also be interpreted as diamond shape instead of cutting style. But a diamond’s cut is really the cutting of the diamond that makes the diamond’s facets interact with the light. Read More.

Chocolate diamonds

Chocolate diamonds fall under the category of fancy color diamonds and have a slight brown hue. With its evocative name, chocolate diamonds are a popular choice for a variety of diamond jewelry Read More.

Diamond color

As opposed to what you might expect, the ideal color is in fact the total absence of color, referred to as a colorless diamond. The GIA has developed a diamond color chart that helps to grade diamonds on scale. Read More.

Black diamonds

The black colored diamonds look striking and dramatic but most of al impressive. The black diamonds are not transparent and do not show fire, which is exactly what makes these diamonds look exceptionally breathtaking and mysterious. Read More.

Pink Diamond

Natural fancy colored diamonds are a miracle made by nature. Since 2002 the pink diamond has become increasingly popular in the society. A pink diamond that has a strong presence of color is one of the rarest and most desirable diamond , often compared to a fairytale romance. Continue Reading...

Blue Diamonds

Fancy blue diamonds are among other colored diamonds one of the more rare and beautiful diamonds. It takes a unique natural formation to get the color of the diamond intense enough to be present. Continue Reading...

Yellow Diamonds

Jewelry set with yellow diamonds is one of the most significant diamond jewelry trends at the moment. Many celebrities have been sighted wearing the most beautiful yellow diamonds, such as Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lopez. Continue Reading...

Chocolate Diamond

A specific shade of brown diamonds are sometimes referred to chocolate diamonds. The brown hue in chocolate diamonds is caused by structural distortions in the diamond lattice which modifies their absorption of light. Continue Reading...


4 Carat Diamond

In the diamond industry there are all kinds of diamond sizes and the 4 carat diamond is one of them. This diamond size is perfectly balanced between size and appearance and therefore great for a 4 carat diamond engagement ring. Continue Reading...


Emerald Cut Diamond

The emerald cut diamond owns a premium place among the popular fancy cuts in the diamond industry. The emerald cut diamond can be associated with a staircase because of the step cuts.
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Brillant Cut Diamond

From natural diamond to brilliant cut diamond When diamonds are found they will not shine as bright as a brilliant cut diamond. This is because diamonds that are found in nature are rough diamonds which have not been cut yet.
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Buying a Diamond

No more confusing terminology just simple diamond buying tips.
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How to choose a Diamond

The basics of buying diamonds online in 3 simple steps.
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Radiant Cut Diamond

One of the signatures of a radiant cut diamond is the chopped corners which make the diamond appear trimmed. Another signature that can help you to recognize a radiant cut diamond is the 70 facets in the diamond.
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3 Carat Diamond

A 3 carat diamond is perfect if you’re looking for something different than what most people have. Most loose diamonds and diamond rings that are sold today are 1 and 2 carat diamonds.
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6 Carat Diamond

A 6 carat diamond ring on fingers makes you feel like a celebrity.A 6 carat diamond is a diamond size which can make you feel like a celebrity or a princess. The 6 carat diamond ring on finger catches so much attention and creates for some that self esteem.
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7 Carat Diamond

The 7 carat diamond is extremely rare and beautiful, nobody would argue about it being a true statement jewelry. Celebrities and royalty are usually the type of people that wear a 7 carat diamond ring, but following these guidelines, you can afford to buy a 7 carat diamond as well.
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8 Carat Diamond

Larger diamonds such as an 8 carat diamond will look good on their own but some jewelry settings can emphasis its sparkle. Take for example an 8 carat diamond necklace which centers the 8 carat in the middle of your chest.
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9 Carat Diamond

The larger diamonds are the rarer they are, and the origins of a 9 carat diamond are often surrounded by mystery. A 9 carat diamond is so big, it could even brighten up the room as you enter wearing a diamond of that size, sparkling and glistening with that glamorous look.
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Carat Weight

One of the 4Cs & important to know wholesale diamond prices. Of all the 4Cs, carat weight is the easiest to understand and an important part of understanding diamond prices.
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Fancy Diamond Prices

Diamond prices for fancy shape diamonds. Why are fancy shape diamonds compared to round diamonds cheaper?
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Loose Diamonds Wholesale

If you are looking into buying diamonds at wholesale prices, then you have surely come across the terms "loose diamonds" and "wholesale diamonds", but what do they mean exactly?
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Where to buy wholesale diamonds

The number one source to the worldwide inventory of wholesale diamonds is The Diamond Registry. Established in 1961 and online since 1997, The Diamond Registry has a proven track record of matching people’s diamond wishes with the perfect diamond. Through The Diamond Registry, you can buy GIA certified loose diamonds at wholesale prices inaccessible to the main public. You also have the option to create bespoke diamond jewelry together with our in-house jewelry designers. Ask for a free quote to set your diamond experts on the search for your perfect diamond – with full certification and always at wholesale price.

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