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Diamond size

Most common mistake: often used synonymously
with diamond carat weight

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Diamond size is often confused with carat weight

The diamond size refers to the measurements of the diamond’s key features such as table, crown and pavilion. Often enough, diamond size and carat weight are used interchangeably which has lead to the common misconception that carat weight is direct indication of diamond size. This is not true. Diamond size and carat weight do not increase proportionally: a 4 carat diamond is not twice the size of a 2 carat diamond, and neither does the price double. Round diamonds have a standardized diamond size chart assessing the size of the table. A 4 carat diamond will be 10.2mm and a 2 carat diamond 8.1mm – the size is clearly not double.

Diamond sizes for fancy shape diamonds

Diamond size is not diamond weight

When it comes to fancy shape diamonds, the diamond size becomes slightly more complicated. Mainly because fancy shape diamonds do not have a standardized shape. Some princess cut diamonds may be more rectangular than square, some oval cut diamonds may be more round than oval, and some heart shaped diamonds might slim rather than fat. Using the average based on a 1:1 length-to-width ratio, you can say that a 3 carat princess cut diamond is 8mm, a 3 carat oval is 11.5x7.5mm and a 3 carat heart shape diamond is 9.5mm, but there is no absolute guarantee all fancy shaped diamonds will have that diamond size. It largely depends on the cutting of the diamond, which is also often in relation to location of inclusions in the rough diamond.

To calculate diamond prices, use carat weight not size

As much as diamond size and carat weight are indirectly related, to calculate the diamond price for wholesale loose diamonds you need to use the carat weight and not the diamond size. To calculate wholesale prices, simply look at the diamond price list of the current wholesale diamond market, and multiply the Price Per Carat of your diamond by the total carat weight. Diamond prices in the wholesale industry are divided in different overviews based on carat weight, and depicted in a Price Per Carat value which changes according to clarity and color. To get to the total diamond price for a 3 carat diamond for example, multiply the Price Per Carat value for a 3 carat G VS2 by 3. However, diamond prices may vary depending on a number of other features, including the diamond size and proportions. As for a free quote to get the accurate price for your ideal diamond.




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