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I like to do a “LOT” of research before I buy anything to make sure I get the best for my money. I read nearly every article online, visited many diamond dealers and boutiques but after contacting Nissan, I realised I can save a significant amount on purchase of an excellent quality diamond. His knowledge is impeccable and all advice given helped me gain great confidence in knowing what I bought was of the highest quality. Nissan responded quickly, is patient and most of all a true expert. He not only helped me purchase the diamond but also helped replicate a design of my choice and delivered on time. Cecilia personally delivered the ring to my office and is a joy to deal with. My fiance loves the ring and is delighted with the design and sparkle of the ring. I would highly recommend Nissan and Cecilia for all diamond purchases. Thank you.
Shabeer Basha

Nissan, Good morning!

I hope you are well and that you are having a great New Year so far! I wanted to thank you, Cid and Lorraine for everything that you did to help create an incredible engagement ring for my fiancé’ and I.

As you said when we first spoke, the diamond is a “super diamond" and the setting as well as everything else came out perfect! I am including some photos from the engagement so you can see how excited we both were.  

Once again, thank you and your team for making the entire process a pleasure. I look forward to a long lasting friendship and hopefully seeing you next time Michaela and I are in NY to come and get our wedding bands.

Corey McGuire

Hi there,

Just wanted to share my experience with you guys.

For a guy like me, who started with no knowledge about diamonds, my hunt for the perfect engagement ring carried me across the city (though mostly Central).

In dealing with different high-end jewellers to boutique diamond shops, it soon felt very transactional and became a dizzying array of understanding the 4C's..as well as another very important C..cost.

In the end, the entire team at Diamond Registry, showed me patience, honesty, outstanding service and an amazing very well-priced diamond (plus customised ring) that my fiancé and I will appreciate forever. Thanks.


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Nissan, I’m sorry I missed your call yesterday. I just got your message this morning but I will call you this evening (your morning) because Donna wanted both of us to tell you HOW BEAUTIFUL THE RING YOU HAD MADE IS, AND HOW MUCH DONNA LOVES IT!!! It’s spectacular and so beautifully made. We’re very grateful and thankful that we “met” you and that you trusted us enough to purchase the stone, create the setting and re-do the setting more to Donna’s liking without hesitation or regret. I will always encourage my friends to contact you for their diamond needs from an Honorable Man, Sincerely, Dennis & Donna

Only positive things to say about the Diamond Registry: excellent selection of top quality diamonds (can pretty much source exactly what you want if they don't have it to hand), were incredibly helpful throughout the process from making and re-making the ring to the design and specifications I had in mind to resizing it after the event to ensure a perfect fit.

I did a huge amount of research throughout HK and Kowloon to find the right stone and someone who could put together what I had in mind and am confident in saying that the Diamond Registry is pretty much the best outfit out there. Would highly recommend it!

Dan Morrissey

From my first contact with Nissan I was welcomed and taken care of. I had done some 'homework' on what I wanted as far as an engagement ring was concerned. On visiting their office, Grace welcomed me and listened to what I was after. I was given many options with good advice and guidance but I chose what I wanted without any sales pressure. I and my Fiancée are very happy with the ring we got, so much so that we decided to go back and buy another diamond wedding ring! I feel that the service, price, value for money are well worth forgetting about High Street stores. You get a personal, and in my experience, reliable service. Well done to all at Diamond Registry.

Paulin HK

Bought a beautiful stone here for an engagement ring. I was a little apprehensive since you're buying something unseen. But Cid made it easy. In fact, Nissan, the owner also gave a call to make me more comfortable.

They sent me the stone to take to a local jeweler with only my Amex in case I bailed on them. No downside risk for me, so why not?

Turns out it was a beautiful stone at a great price. In fact, the appraiser in San Francisco said that it was the deal of a lifetime. I highly recommend the Diamond Registry. Ask for Cid! I'll be back.

Tom P.

Brad Cartwright Las Vegas

My wife lost a 3 carat diamond, we think a prong broke and the diamond fell out of the setting. Daniel Cid, he goes by Cid, replaced the diamond and repaired the ring to better than new condition. The repairs (replacing small diamonds and coating the bed with gold) were done at no charge. My wife is thrilled with her new diamond and the quality of the workmanship. Anyone in the market for a loose diamond or a diamond ring should call Cid before making any decisions..


"Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your help during my ring buying process. She said yes and we couldn't be happier. I hope you're well!"

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I am absolutely thrilled with my experience at Diamond Registry. I have purchased many expensive pieces of jewelry, including large diamonds, for my ex-wife over the past 20 years. My recent purchase from Nissan and Shai Perla was by far the most pleasant, courteous, transparent and efficient. Never was I pressured or "sold." Shai took an incredible amount of time educating me and presented 6 different stones of similar cut, color and grade at different price points. After my 90 minute meeting with him, I checked his price points against the Rapp Report, Blue Nile, James Allen and Rittani and the prices were all slightly less than his competitors PLUS I got the benefit of actually seeing and examining the stones with a loop and comparing them to the GIA certificates for each stone. In researching my purchase, I spent countless hours with many diamond dealers on 47th Street and on websites like Blue Nile, James Allen and Rittani. I happened to chance upon Diamond Registry's website and filled out the online form describing what I was seeking. Nissan Perla called me directly from Hong Kong that night and spent considerable time trying to understand what I was seeking and then had his son Shai totally prepared for my appointment the next day in their offices (not retail store or kiosk). Later that day, I did a little research on the Perla's and was surprised to find that Nissan is world famous for being the jeweler to numerous celebrities and dignitaries. Being humble, Nissan and Shai never once mentioned their clout in the trade to impress me. If you are shopping for a serious diamond, this is the only place you need to visit.

Nissan was instrumental in my acquisition of a very high grade and quality diamond. Our transactional relationship was one of trust and respect. Although I have only spoke with Nissan on the phone, our conversations were always very fun, spirited and entertaining which made the whole purchase process quite enjoyable. "

Charlie Borello

worth a visit, my fiancée loves the rock, and when she's happy, you know your money is well spent; highly recommended; Grace is an amazing sale, she should be promoted! The wedding ring is perfect!

Leslie Lei

Hi Grace, Happy new year. Just thought I'd let you know Alexa said yes and absolutely loves the ring. Thanks again for all your help I've already passed your business details to friends. see you when we get the wedding bands :)

John Simpsom

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Vicki LaBarre

Nissan is not only a first rate knowledgeable, consummate professional in his field, but also a great, personable human being, with a pleasing personality, an unflagging "can-do" attitude, coupled with a philosophy that nothing is impossible. He truly will go to the ends of the heavens to please his customers. I wouldn't dream of buying a diamond from anyone else on Planet Earth than Nissan Perla. Vicki LaBarre, Williamsburg, VA.

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